Canker Sore Prevention

Canker sores and their prevention is an area of continuing medical research.  Because the cause of a canker sore is not always clear, there are multiple solutions which might be the best path for preventing the ulcers.

Individuals should test each solution independently of the others for several months, so that the best solution for that individual may be identified and implemented in a canker sore prevention regimen.  Canker sores are a potentially life-long ailment, so a thorough researching of potential solutions is well worth it in the long run.

For most canker sore sufferers, the direct cause of a canker sore is typically some sort of trauma to the mouth, such as accidentally biting the cheek while chewing.

It’s critical to recognize that, while that scratch on your cheek from a sharp chip may be the direct cause of your canker sore, there are conditions which make the actual formation of the ulcer more likely.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Removal

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is an ingredient found in most toothpastes.  Switching to a toothpaste without this abrasive chemical will drastically reduce canker sore occurrence in most people.  If this is your first time learning about SLS, make it a top priority to use an SLS-free toothpaste.  For most people, this simple act will dramatically reduce the formation of ulcers in their mouth.  Try avoiding SLS for a few weeks, and if you continue to form ulcers in your mouth, read on!

Vitamin B-12 Supplementation

Research into the long term supplementation of Vitamin B-12 has shown to eliminate canker sore recurrence in almost 75% of study participants.

An oral supplement of 1,000 mcg per day will drastically reduce and prevent mouth ulcers.

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Ketogenic Diet

There is substantial anecdotal evidence that the Ketogenic diet, a low carbohydrate diet in which one eats mostly fat and protein, drastically reduces or eliminates canker sores.  While there is limited research regarding the Ketogenic diet and canker sores, there are a few prevailing theories:

  • Ketogenic diet is known to reduce inflammation in the body and may provide canker sore relief by reducing the body’s inflammatory response to agonists in the mouth.
  • Ketogenic diet minimizes sugar intake, therefore bacteria which feed on sugar are minimized.  An oral biome with fewer bacteria may prevent formation of canker sores.
Stress Reduction

Anecdotal evidence suggests stress may worsen canker sores.  Try incorporating some suggestions from the Harvard Medical School to lower your stress and increase overall quality of life.