Heal Canker Sores Faster

Mouth ulcers, known as canker sores, range from mildly annoying to extremely painful.  No matter how much your canker sore hurts, anyone with a canker sore would wish to have it heal faster.

Fortunately, there are several products which not only heal your canker sore faster, but also provide instant pain relief.

Durham’s Canker-Rid

Durham’s Canker-Rid tops the list of recommended products.  This product uses propolis, a tacky substance produced by bees to seal small spaces in the hive.  Incidentally, it works fantastically to cover a canker sore in the mouth, forming a pain relieving barrier against further irritation.  This product is all natural, using a blend of food alcohol and propolis as the only ingredients.

Canker-Rid is the top rated canker sore product on Amazon, with over 1,100 reviews.  Most customers attest to trying many canker sore solutions before finally trying Canker-Rid and having incredible results!

Apply Canker-Rid to your canker sore before bed to see incredible healing results overnight.

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Kanka Professional Mouth Pain Liquid

Kanka Professional Strength Mouth Pain Liquid.  This product has rave reviews on Amazon.  It comes with an applicator, which you use to apply the thick liquid.  The liquid will coat the canker sore and immediately begin to numb the area and provide pain relief.  As the liquid solidifies, it will form a protective cover over the canker sore which protects against further irritation and speeds the healing process.

Apply Kanka to your canker sore before bed to see incredible healing results overnight.

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DenTek Canker Cover Patch

The DenTek canker cover patch works surprisingly well.  Once the patch is properly applied to a canker sore, it forms a robust seal around the area of attachment.  The canker sore patch secretes pain relieving menthol, and protects the canker sore from further irritation, and is particularly effective against food particles.

Apply Canker Cover as you start your day.  The pain relieving menthol, combined with the protective barrier will allow you to go about your business without noticing your canker sore.

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