Instant Canker Sore Pain Relief

We’ve all been there – maybe you’re sitting down to a delicious meal, or sharing a laugh with friends.  Perhaps you’re giving an important presentation at work.  These are situations of great happiness, joy, and achievement.  All can be be tainted by the presence of a canker sore.

The salt in that first bite of a delicious meal makes its way into a canker sore and begins to burn; taking away from the taste and enjoyment of the meal.

By smiling over a joke with friends, you create tension and stretch through the mouth; this tension stretches out a canker sore, causing you to smile just a little less brightly or wince in pain.

By talking in the business presentation, the canker sore in your mouth is agitated and burns with irritation as you struggle to stay on message.

In all these situations, the presence of a canker sore takes away from the experience.  A little topical pain relief, strategically applied just before each of these experiences, would reduce or eliminate the pain caused by the canker sore.

Orajel Instant Pain Relief

A tube of Orajel is extremely handy and should be in the medicine cabinet of all canker sore sufferers.  Apply a small amount of the gel to your canker sore and try to relax through the surge in pain as the gel touches the canker sore.  The few seconds of initial burning pain are well worth the following minutes of almost complete pain alleviation you’ll enjoy.  Now you’re free to talk, laugh, and eat without the canker sore keeping you down!

Tip: Reapply the medicine before the numbness completely wears off to avoid the initial stinging that comes with applying the gel.


Kanka Professional Strength

Kanka Professional Strength has the same active ingredient at the same strength (Benzocaine 20%) as Orajel, but it goes one step further with its “protective coating.”  Clean your mouth and canker sore, then brush a layer of Kanka over your sore.  The liquid will coat the canker sore and immediately begin to numb the area.  As the liquid solidifies, it will form a protective cover of the canker sore.  So long as this barrier lasts, it will prevent pain from food and salt getting into the canker sore.

Tip: Apply the gel just before bed; the protective barrier helps to speed the healing process of the canker sore.